Eriacta® (Sildenafil Citrate)

It is a brand medication manufactured by Ranbaxy.

What is Eriacta


Eriacta is another generic from popular Indian manufacturer Ranbaxy. While working for more than one year in the market of manufacture of pharmaceutical products, the company has created a Eriacta, – perhaps one of their best products. Possessing practically identical properties with the famous brand Viagra, Eriacta immediately gained popularity among fans of efficient sex. As the entire range of products Ranbaxy, Eriacta has all the properties, which are inherent in the modern drugs of this class. At the very high quality, as initial components, and finished products Eriacta has a rather pleasant parity of the price and quality.

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The drug Eriacta should only be used for treatment of erectile dysfunction.
Before application of the preparation Eriacta you must consult with competent doctor. If You have a chronic disease of your heart or circulatory system circulatory system, you should undergo a medical examination. The main constraints identified instructions to the drug, developed by the manufacturer on the basis of the conduct of clinical trials.

Eriacta, which is based on the active ingredient sildenafil; in case of the human body through the alimentary tract, actively dissolved, and the elements absorbed in the blood plasma. Further, due to the selective activity of viagra starts working on the blood vessels of the small pelvis, in particular to vessels, providing a penis. When using this drug spontaneous erect penis is not going to happen. This effect of the drug Eriacta will come only in the case of sexual stimulation. After the sexual intercourse penis spontaneously returns to the relaxed state.

Another feature of the effects of drugs of this series consists of the following – no one will understand that the penis is caused by the adoption of the generic brand. The man looks quite naturally, and pharmacological components are selected so that the erectile function can be encouraged in every man, even from the psychological pathology.

Getting into the stomach of the preparation quickly dissolves and is absorbed in the stomach wall. In this case if the drug is taken on an empty stomach, the effectiveness of its penetration into the circulatory system of the human being significantly increased. Active substance within 96% associated plasma protein, which is the main component for the activation of circulatory system of small pelvis and penis. After the completion of the process of decomposition products Eriacta are localized in the liver, and up to 80percent of these products is derived from the human body with faeces, the rest goes in the urine.

Especially the moments connected with its taking by men make a reservation in the instruction on preparation application over 65 years are elderly.

All side effects of drug action can be divided into several categories. The main manifest in symptoms associated with motor human senses and the nervous system. It is possible slight dizziness and headache, the tide of blood to a person. According to experts, these phenomena are not of critical nature and pretty soon disappear as small residual symptoms. More serious consequences from taking the drug represent the symptoms associated with the activity of the nervous system and sensory organs, such as the effect of blurred vision, change in colour and с photophobia.

Rare effects of taking the drug are symptoms such as diarrhea, nasal congestion, rash on the skin. But as specified manufacturer’s instructions, this kind of side effects should be treated at their principal symptoms, and if they are of chronic character, then, at least, it is necessary to cease use of the product immediately and contact their physician.

The manufacturer of the drug recommends that restrict one tablet at least half an hour before the sexual act. A tablet is necessary to wash down with water. The daily dose may be increased to one hundred milligrams. A further increase in dose may lead to negative side effects, which initially will manifest itself as a certain feeling of General discomfort.

Avoid preparation overdose .The symptoms in this case will be brighter and more vivid manifestations of side effects.

You should be quite clearly realize that Eriacta is a medicinal product and is primarily designed for completion or correction of certain dysfunctions of the person. With this in mind before taking the drug it is desirable to be examined by the attending physician to possibility of such treatment. In the presence of cardiovascular diseases or diseases related to the nervous system, carrying out of medical examination and diagnostics is a prerequisite.

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